New to reason 9 trying to connect my guitar.


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I'm new to reason 9 and been trying to figure out how to get my guitar to play in reason. I have an m-audio fast track guitar interface which I've been using to connect, unsuccessful so far, when I go to edit>preferences>audio>audio card driver I can not find it, not sure if this is the correct way to connect my guitar or perhaps I need to invest in a new guitar interface (mines approx. 10 yrs old),... any suggestions? I also have a 1.4" to usb cable if that makes a difference


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tried a google search on your interface, it came up with several different ones, so that is no help.

Basically how it works; in preferences you have to select an audio driver that works with your soundcard. The needed drivers are downloadable or came with a cd.
Im not sure, but i think m-audio can work with asio drivers as well, ASIO drivers seem to be the best in most cases.

You'd have to connect your guitar trough a 6mm input jack in your interface, which i think you have? as most interfaces do.

Then, because (if its selecte right) Reason uses the audio card drivers, it can pick up any incoming signals.
What you do is, in your rack; right click -> create new audio track. Then int he audio track, in the rack is a little drop down menu where you can select any audio input.
Here you'd have to select "mono" audio input 1, or 2 dependend on which you use.

Some interfaces have a increaded gain button, since guitar pickups arent really high gained. If you gave one, use it.

Otherwise, check for the manual of your interface, worth reading if your new to it all ;)


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What OS are you running? If you are running MacOS some of the older M-Audio staff will not work as AVID sold M-Audio and they have not updated the drivers.

From this page:

(Corey S(Employee) 1 year ago

Hi Josh,

Thanks for posting.

As you may be aware, M-Audio was once owned by Avid (Pro Tools) and was acquired by inMusic Brands in 2012. The following products were not included with this acquisition, and will continue to be marketed, sold, supported and serviced by Avid:

• Fast Track USB
• Fast Track
• Fast Track Pro
• Fast Track Ultra
• Fast Track Ultra 8R
• Fast Track C400
• Fast Track C600
• Mobilepre USB
• Mobilepre )

Here is AVID site for the Fast Track:

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