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Aloha all from Hawaii! I recently upgraded to Reason 8 from version 5 and I'm loving it so far... I recently found a sample that I wanna use in a beat for an artist but in the process of chopping it in the NNXT I ran into some "snags"... Well I copied and pasted from the original zone (sample) to adjust the start and end points within the edit sample option and saved it but when I went to trigger the first zone the start and end points had changed with the second zone. Is it safe to say I need to buy recycle or go about chopping my sample as audio within the sequencer then bouncing as separate tracks to use it as separate samples within the NNXT?


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seriously man, just edit the audio in the sequencer and then reload into the NN-XT if you need it for artistic reasons.


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It is cause reason edit's the same, not a second instance of it.
Or copy the sample outside reason, namibg ut sample 2 or whatever, or use the nnxt's trim knobs just below its display. You can set the sample start and rnd in percentages. Hold shift formore accurat control.

But, vocoderboy is right, audio editing is easier in the sequencer. You can then resample if you need to.
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