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Hey Dan,

I like it. Funky - sort of 80's synthpop. Assuming this is all new/your own work - my views, for what they are worth:

00:10 - There's a hole - all of the music/sound stops for a split second. For me, it's quite distracting. Perhaps put a backing note across the intro (D/E?), so it doesn't lose traction as it moves into the song?
00:32 - I like the drop in. Could the bass be a bit heavier?
03:40~ - repetition doesn't build up enough to the drop and makes it seem like it's (4) Bars too long in that section.
05:04 - strings are late..? I like these strings but I don't recall them anywhere else in the piece. Maybe think about introducing them earlier?
05:20 - a second bridge, different to the first - not unusual but its sounds like it might go on and on (we're at 5 mins +!) when, in fact, it's part of the outro.
Generally, the second/backing vocal has a bit too much tone/not enough bass. I get that it sounds like a telephone call-quality voice and you've produced it with that in mind, but it sometimes cuts across everything, rather than being supplemental/additional.

Hope these help in some way?


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Hi Adam.

Thanks for your feedback. Here are my notes to your notes:

00:10 - I made that ¨hole¨ in background synth purposely. Still there's some hall audible. Anyway I will think about it again.
00:32 - Do you mean just the first note / accent or the overall bass sound? I wanted the bassline to be dominant but not exaggerated.
03:40 - Perhaps I can make some changes here. Didn't notice it can be felt that way :) (it is not 4 bars too long :) )
05:40 - Strings come first at 01:28 but you are right, I could bring them once again, somewhere in the middle of the song. Actually I had them also at 3:51 along with the synth but it was colliding with its frequency so I removed the strings and let the synth excel.
05:20 - This I'm not sure what you mean. A second bridge? Actually it is outro :)
Telephone vocal sound I used also purposely to change singers falsetto which I didn't like so I suppressed it using Audiomatic Wash preset. It might sound a bit muddy... I will consider make it different way (maybe just by EQ).

Thank you a lot for your notes, I'll keep them in mind and adjust the things you've mentioned. You probably know it yourself when doing a song you listen to it so many times that you can get used to its inaccuracies and even start to like them or just don't notice them :)

I appreciate you took your time, listened to my song and adviced me to make it better.


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Reason Engineer
There's no problem Adam :) Mostly you are right, there are things to improve and I'm just a newbie in music production. I've started 1,5 year ago, made some songs with Magic Music Maker (mostly from loops) and about a year ago I bought Reason (and then keyboard and some other equipment), so I'm not much experienced so far. I've seen dozens of tutorials, discussed things on several forums and I'm always glad to hear any criticism. It doesn't hurt my ego, it helps me to become better :) And I'm very happy I've chosen Reason - it's a masterpiece DAW.

Thank you again.

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