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Ok I have been thinking about how we can all really step it up, it's 2015 and right here we have software/data base abilities at our hands. It's your community speak up!

So how can we make this a truly efficient thread right here that our members and everyone else can click on......a thread of a Reason Device or Rack Extension and think they are in candy land and it's as easy as pie
to look through and find what they have a taste for but also and even more see our thoughts on those things we have used but in a fair and just way?

C'mon step how should or can we do this IYHO?

Thanks for your time,


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I think that a thread per patch/ patch bunch/ refill is the best thing to do right now. It's simple, makes sense (forum construction wise) and orderly.
One thing we could do within this construct is, devide the "patches and Refills" subforum into multiple subforum's:
- Instruments
- Creative FX
- Studio FX
- Utility patches

Just like in Reason itself.
(maybe split these up in time as well? Like: Studio FX --> Reverb, Compression, Eq, Mastering.)

Apart from the construct, i think it would be a good idea to add guidelines to every patch thread. Minimum requirements and a semi- set of rules like:

Have a clear title;
- Main purpose
- no statements like "best vox processing patch ever" or something in that manner
- No company, artist's, user's name

- Patch name
- Which version it it, since some stuff might be updated?
- Stock devices or Re's included?

A clear description within the thread:
- Go at it how you like, but keep it clear and to the point

A guide/ explenation of and how to use it; Optional: how it works, why it works and some screenshot's

Wether its using stock devices or Re's


A download link in .rar format (this is so when user's click on the link; it opens a download/ open with dialog and no redirection to another site in order to download it from over there.

Other download option:

The forum has a nice attachement option, but will not allow any reason extensions like .cmb, .rex2 and so on. There is probably a way to disable this within the php scripts/ plug in so user's dont have to use .rar extensions and can click it directly only to either save it on their disk or open it with Reason.

User feedback:
Have a (anonymous) manditory poll saying: "on a scale of 1 till' 5 did you find this usefull?".
This way user's can leave their feedback. If for some reasaon a patch or refills gets very negative feedback, the thread/ patch/ refill can be taken down my mods to clean things up, since they ain't usefull

So for instance:

Thread title:
Patch: Natural Vocals - V1 - Stock devices

Thread description:

Natural Vocals

This is a rich patch including a number of device chains that find a lot of usage on vocal processing. All the device's are set up so that no processing is taking place as it is (like no eq or compression). This way you can start of fresh and tweak everything according to your liking.

In the chain are (in order):
- Pre Eq
- De-esser
- Audio splitter for parallel processing (if desired)
- Mclass compressor (main signal)
- Eq (main signal)
- Mclass compressor (parallell signal)
- Eq (parallel signal)
- Pulveriser (parallel signal)
- 6:2 mixer (mixing both back in, parallel signal muted by default)
- RV7000 (6:2 mixer auxillery; AUX SEND set to "0")
- Eq (6:2 output)
- Scream distortion unit with slight (tape) settings (6:2 out, bypassed by default)
- Mclass compressor (6:2 out)


*Insert image here*

Download link:
*attachement* or **

This is my 2 cents though ;) Feel free to suggest, criticise and so on!


Sonic Singularity
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Thanks Os for taking the time much appreciated. A Thread for each and some Sub-Forums will work nicely and that's the easy part, I like your stuff about the post people will make, info they will offer...ect
The thing I have been mind mining over is how to make the posting easy, accurate and consistent and I think I have the solution! I am testing out some plugins that should help us out nicely.

I like your example thanks for that. I think what you have will work nicely, it's now just up to making it happen.

I will post back here when I have some more info. Anymore ideas are welcome also.
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