[Question] Which Studio Monitors should I buy?


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I am looking for gear to start up my Studio, but I have no idea on anything about Studio Monitors

Can anyone provide me with information about what to look for in specs?

I was thinking bout saving money to buy Adam Ax8 Monitors, which give me plenty of time to do some research.

What is your opinion?
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Youtube Adam Ax7 unboxing video

"Woah woah, easy there. Perfectly flat is an overstatement. I have these A7X monitors sitting in front of me right now, and if anything they may give the impression of being hyped in the highs compared to some good old home theatre speakers I've got downstairs. But before you go jumping to conclusions and point to spectral analysers and what have you, you must understand that we are influenced by sonic distortions inconspicuous to a microphone, and our brains can only hear so much (and then some between the lines – take subharmonics for example)...More important than highs, mids and lows is how the components handle the exact reproduction of the signals in so-called microsound. If the resolution is inconsistent, the end result will sound muddled. Especially in the bass range (as I'm sure a lot of people with cheap PC speakers have noticed). There is probably a way to accurately measure these inconsistencies, but the A7Xs are significantly more accurate than anything else I've tried and
feel much more real. Then again, my listening experience is limited mostly to ambiences and acoustic music, and I can count monitors on two hands"

-Youtube comment by - Unknown Entity

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Very very hard to say what monitors you need. Judge by budget, reviews and your gut i'd say.

Im still on my first set of krk rokit 5's, for about 6 years now i think. They are not perfect, and do sound "glued" as some say, but i like them still and got to know them, and my room well enough to get my mixes to where i need and want them to be.

^the latter is most important. And dont ever underestimate the power of acoustic treating your room, even if its slightly done


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Yes, I have a book that emphasizes the importance of acoustical treatment, but before I focus on such a huge task; I would like to start off from the base and work my way up. I currently have [h=1]Genius GX Gaming SW-G2.1 3000 2.1 Speaker System[/h] maxresdefault.jpg

and seem to be fine but are not great with the lows.

I have read that it is best to play flat speakers, because if you can make the song sound great on those they will sound great anywhere.
A speaker I heard that would be great with that would be Yamaha HS8
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