reason 5 just stopped working


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hi there, hopefully you can help.

im running reason 5 on yosemite and the latest macbook pro. all fine except yesterday it stopped working.
when i open it it crashes straight away with "reason quit unexpectedly" error message

tried reinstalling, deleting duplicate fonts, maverick/yosemite fixes etc but still no luck

please can someone help?


Sonic Singularity
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So it was working fine and now it does not work? If so what changed between the time it was working and not. I did not think Reason 5 worked in Yosemite?


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please can someone help?
Dude, I don't mean to be a Negative Nelly here, but it sounds just a little bit odd that you say you are using a brand new MacBook but you're running Reason 5? Something doesn't quite add up there.
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