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I have been following the Reason 8 tutorial and all was fine until I got to the record an audio track problem. Prior to that I could hear my instrument (keyboard) through my computer as I played sounds in the showcase. But when he got to the part of recording a track, he could hear his instrument and in the Audio Track 1 it said in the drop down menu BalanceFireFace Input 19. What do I see in mine? No Audio Input. And, when I click on the drop down menu, I see a list beginning with Mono, then Stereo but then "No Audio Inputs Available, Please Check your sound card settings."

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I got the feeling that by "keyboard" you mean an midi keyboard? Cause you mentioned "showcase" which makes me think you were browsing trough the soundbanks.

a midi device is a remote controller, which triggers a sound; the sound in this case is any device you have selected.

Midi input is handled by usb. By adding a "audio track" you cannot record midi data. This is for analog input (mostly)

If this indeed is the case, just select the device you want to have midi date (record a melody), press record and play on your keyboad. Midi input should be recorded.


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Maybe this pic will clarify: No Sound issue.jpgSo I just recorded two random sounds and then tried to do so with the audio track--and nothing.


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I see. Let me explain a few things with the prejudice that your pretty new to this all (no disrespect!)

Thing is here, The yellow/orange bar are midi notes. This midi input will trigger the sound at wich the midi is being sent to in this case the instument "The Daddy".
"The Daddy"'s sound output that thereby is being generated is being send to the mixer, and then straight to your output (soundcard -> Speakers).
Same thing is happening to "Dr Floyd's Diary".

As far as i can see, you should get a sound coming out of Reason right?

If for any number of reason's (for creative purposes for instance) you want the sound that is being generated from either channel (daddy, or Dr floyd) to be in audio, then do this:

At the rack, at either mix channel (midi generated stuff) there is a bar that shows its sound level when the sound is playing, below it is a bar with an arrow that says "master section" (this is were the sound is routed to by default), below that on the right is a little box behind the words "REC SOURCE".
Click these on both mix channels you want audio to be recorded from.

Now go to the audio channels you created (1 for each sound probably):
click the drop down menu you've already encountered "when I click on the drop down menu, I see a list beginning with Mono, then Stereo..." ; it should list both mix channels. Now pick one.

Next, press record on both audio channels in the sequencer and hit record/play. You should see audio data appear now.
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