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Hey everyone - not sure how active this forum is, but wanted to try to start a discussion....

I've been in contact with the website owners for Allihoopa - it was made very clear to me that their site is not for professionals. The remit of Allihoopa is in the spirit of social media - sharing, collaborating and enjoying some fleeting music making. My version of Reason (v8.x) is permanently linked to this site for collaborations. My question is; why?

Is Reason a glitzy little App, the same as Take and Figure? No.
Is it simple to produce a little ditty or melody that you might share freely and collaborate with others? No.
Does it take a lot of dedication and effort to produce quality, professional music tracks? Yes.

So why is it connected to a host of freebie Apps and Software, instead of being seen a professional DAW?

Can anyone explain this to me???



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Allihoopa is a tool for users of Reason to collaborate and share nothing more. It can be powerful in collaboration or fun is trying out stuff people share. It can be learning from analyzing a song file....ect

Reason is a professional DAW and most are.
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