Reason automatically transposing my songs


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I recently upgraded to Reason 9.2 (from 6.5) and also my M-Audio 49 key midi controller to an Alesis Q49 controller. This is the first time I have used both my Alesis and Reason 9. I created a song, but then when I went in to edit it, I noticed that every note played showed on a line 1 1/2 steps above the key I actually played it on. Also, when I just play freely, my system is tuned 1 1/2 steps off from what it should be (tuning to a normal piano tuning). So, while I wrote a song in C major, the notes are all showing off by 1 1/2 steps. What causes this. I opened up a new rack and just added a default Thor and the same thing was happening. I looked on my controller for a physical adjustment and cannot find any. I also looked in the Reason settings in case I switched something by accident.

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Sounds like you controller's transpose settings are set to hi. Reason does not transpose automatically you have to edit the clip or clips. Look in your controller's manual to find out how the transpose function works.


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Will do. Thank you for the reply. I figured it had to be something common to every new rack I brought up...that would leave Reason settings or the Controller. I will take a look after work. Thanks Matt!
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