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I am curious, has anyone seen a controller that sort of replicates the ssl mixer in Reason?

I did see a post here IIRC, someone was making one? Wonder if anyone has a link to that or has any info on the progress of that project? Also would be interested in anyone else making a controller as well.

I am making a SSL Mixer controller for Reason. I will need some help and really don't know where to start. That said, Im at the phase of drawing up a plan on graph paper and have a basic idea already of the layout and size, materials. I have a lot of research to do as to identify the differences in faders for usb controllers vs analog real solid state... I have two faders here atm, one from my old technics sl-1200 turntable and another from a broken usb keyboard controller.

I am motivated to do this at least, for myself, but the intention is to get the idea out and on paper and build a prototype, and then see if there is a demand for it. If so I can find an investor and make them large scale relatively easy and sell them to Reason users world wide. I havent thought of a name or scheme, but I can tell you it is based on a 36 channel setup. This may change, May have varibale channel counts to support different screen resolutions - the idea is to build the hardware around a template that would be commonly used for music production and mixing/mastering. Reason is rather capable now IMHO with the SSL and vst support.

Oh I have a question. Does anyone who works with Reason dev communicate on this forum by chance? I have a suggestion Id like to pass along and just get a quick reaction or response to it, its basicaly the idea to make the SSL mixer toggle from front to back with the TAB button ... like the rack. Maybe add a ssl mixer scroll lock too... anyway cheers! Ill post some pics of the drawings and possibly make a photochop version of the controller.

It will basically look like the SSL mixer fully expanded with only the fx send and return and master inserts aside... the transport and compressor and all those fx and **** gets thrown to the right of the mixer. Each channel would have around 1.0 - 1.25 inch width, with around 8.0 inches width for the transport section, making the total width of the mixer controller around 4 ft... it will be around 2 ft deep, and who knows how tall, but it will be sloped for visual aid. Idea is to make it as realistic as possible without spending boku dolla for a solid state.

How many others have attempted this?


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Why not just get this.

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