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Can anyone help me with this:

So I have a few RE's and I got some refills the other day for some. To be specific, I got the Parsec and some refills for the Parsec. Now I downloaded them, when I open the Parsec, the stock folder doesn't have the refills. Ok thats fine, but is there a way to put the refills along with the stock ones so they are all in the same place?
i created a new folder with and have to click that folder but i just wanted to know if there was a way to get them all in the one place. Like a certain route I can place them so they all just fit in seamlessly or do I have to keep in using it from that created folder?

Thanks for your help in advance


Sonic Singularity
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Just locate the file where you installed Reason and add them there or put the Refills in a file and then open up Reason locate that file and make it a favorite. Also in the top menu Window/Manage Content, there you can see all content from Reason that you have and if it is installed.
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