Saxy beat [instrumental]


Reason Producer
yeah its a good piece the sax could do with some quantising and i found it really hard to stay engaged for the full 11 min.

Dan Topic

Reason Engineer
No problem mate :) Just explaining. Mix intended tracks can sound boring because of longer intros /outros. In my previous post there's vocal version of this tune which is shorter.
Concerning the sax, where at do you think it needs some quantizing? Does it sound out of sync to you? Couldn't spot those moments. Thanks for your opinion :)

P.S.: Listening to it on and on and found that the sax could sound more richer, more present, I will try to tweak higher frequencies.

Dan Topic

Reason Engineer
The solo is a sample, the rest is combined. Parts of the solo sample with played notes on keyboard.
Actually I've listened to it many times till now and moved 2 parts 1/32 note forth. It wasn't out of sync but I think now it's a bit better settled to the beat.
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