someone please help me. Midi nightmare.


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hi all,

I havent been on reason or ableton in about a year or more. Trouble is i can't get my midi keyboard linked up to either programmes. I'd rather be using reason to be honest.
I am using an oxygen 8v2 controller and reason will just not find it. I have added the device to reason in the control surfaces to reason and have the green tick in the box. in the midi input box i have 3 options:
2-automap midi
automap propellerhad
automap propellerhead mixer
craig-vaio (me-my laptop)
I also had a novation controller linked up which is where the automap comes from but i dont want to use that just yet.
from here on in i'm completely lost.
last time i used this (quite a while ago) it all worked fine.
I'd be eternally grateful if someone could help me
Many thanks,


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Silly question maybe but... are the drivers for the keyboard installed?

Apart from that, it could be hardware failure.. like a corrupted sub port or something as stupid as a faulty cable happens to me once, I found after tons of hours trying to get it working... (bought a second hand controller)
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