Song Templates – Panorama P1 – P4 – P6 – Surface Locking


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Song Templates – Panorama P1 – P4 – P6 – Surface Locking

In Reason Studios Reason, there are some really cool ways to set up your song templates.
Why would you want to do this? If you take a minute to think about what got you to
turn on Reason and what you usually do once you have Reason started up you might
see two things… one might be you go right to Kong because you have a beat in your
head, this is a very cool thing that must not be delayed because the creative artist
is now on a mission. How cool would it be to have Kong setup with your favorite kit
sounds along with a synth that you know, you start Reason and hit play, Reason’s
sequencer has already been set up with a 4 bar loop and the loop button is on…just to
cool….. start Reason hit play lay down your beat! This would be set to your default
song startup so every time Reason is started it is there.

Now another way to set up and save templates in Reason is to maybe set up a 24
track recording session all with outputs and inputs for your studio, another might
be a jam session with Drums, Guitar, Bass, Vocals all set up so all you have to do is
turn on your eKit, plug in the bass and guitar give the singer that microphone and
jam! Everyone’s headset is all set up and even the drummer and singer have some
effects routed to their headphones….so cool!

There is an infinite amount of ways you could set up your song templates so
get busy and set them up and as time goes and you have ideas for new ones
add them in because it is easy and it helps your workflow.

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