SprayCanArt- Refill


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wauw, didnt excpect such a load of stuff! Youve built this your self?

I might run away with it indeed.. Or use some at the depths of night :p


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Yes, i downloaded, and edited, made drum/ percussive hits for Redrum and kong, made beats with them and Resampled as wav loops, Rex'd them and made the combinator patches also. All the raw samples are included as well, which is probably why it comes to 50mb, as some are more than a min long.

My advise is to run away with it and use at the depths of night.. Oh and all 5 combis are [run] types, turn dials and press buttons :)


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I'll definatly have a further, more in depth look! Not quite sure in what way they will be implemented (recognizeble or not :p) but i reckon in can get enough use out of it ;)

Props to the amount of effort by the way!
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