SSL Six with Reason Routing Work flow

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I created a template so everything is set up in terms of the 6 ins and outs on my audio interface ssl six and reason so its now just about putting the 6 buses i've set up in reason into the correct io and basically setting it up correctly.

Like you know in previous emails I'd like to put drums bus and the parallel channel to that in one super analogue mono channel on the ssl and then the bass bus in one super analogue mono channel on the ssl then the top/mid bass/synth bus in one stereo channel on the ssl then production sounds bus in one stereo channel on the ssl and vocal bus in one stereo channel on the ssl? Like i said everything is set up i just need to know how to do the routing as it's not my field of expertise lol, do i setup a spider or mixer of some sort, you're way better at this routing stuff than i am 😂

Keeping in mind i have a master section that i use in reason for mastering so i still want to be able to use this section with the ssl six so if im turning levels up on the ssl it translates in my mastering section on the rms levels etc and also i'd like to know how i can use the ssl compression eq etc to process sounds to record back into reason and also when i complete a track how then i can record the whole track with all vsts and ssl processing etc back into the pc would i do that final recording through soundforge or will that be a simple bounce like always out of reason?

Also here's a wetransfer link to videos to better understand what I want to achieve.

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