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Note: All of my patches can be found >>HERE<<

Gothixia! :D
Patch Gothixia.jpg

I. Reason 10+:
a. For "Vanilla" Reason (No extra content needed):​

  1. [*=2]Gothixia: A patch dedicated to a music instructor of mine. Contains Thor and Europa patches inside a combi. Creates a deep energy tapped from the magmatic core of the earth. Beautiful BASS sound for choral to gothic cathedral-like sounds such as organ or carillon.
    [*=2]Xercephone: A trombone/bassoon like patch spruced up with none other than the RV7000! Portamento toggle from front panel. A dark sound, much like gothixia. What lurks in the dark... Haha...
    [*=2]Starfield: A synthetic string patch made with the grains of the universe sparkling above. But really, this patch contains Subtractor and optional reverb. Good for texture. If you like stars.
b. For users with installed content as described per patch:​
0. Nothing here yet!

Total of 3 patches. As of late December 5, 2017.
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