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Want to ask a synthesis question here. I see there isn't a specific section on this forum for synthesis. Would be a good idea wouldn't it?

Anyway, for electronic music I'm talking here mainly I suppose, but would there be certain characteristics from a synthesis point of view that certain sounds, such as lead, bass and pad sounds for example have? would people use certain waveforms for a pad for instance? not just the ADSR aspect but the main elements or building blocks of the sound itself. Would there be a certain range you would play as well, a certain octave?

Just trying to identify more specifically the raw elements of certain sounds. I really want to get to the nitty gritty so I can make my own sounds. Combinated and non combinated sounds. Lots of good leads, pads and basses for my electronic music, so any tips for this would be most appreciated.



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Hi Simon,

The beauty about synthesis is you can turn a pad sound into a percussive hit, or a lead sound into a bass and there really is no certain waveform that is best.

I could say that lead sounds usually have shorter attack times but I've made tracks before where the lead has both short and long attack times. Percussion also, doesn't have to be short sharp hits.

Unless you're trying to make music in a certain genre, then the world is your oyster. And if you're new to synthesis then just have a play around for a year or so, familiarise yourself, before getting the guide book out.
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