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Guys, I need your expertise here.
Why is it that if I load a sample (let's say, a vocal of 1,5 secs) in the NNXT, the length of the sample shortens and lengthens when I play the higher and lower keys?
Is it possible to keep the length of the sample (rootnote C3) eventhough I play other keys?
I tried timestretching (loading sample in audiochannel), but so far I am unsuccessfull.
If I shorten the audiosample, the sound also pitches up.
Where am I going wrong?
Enlighten me pls!


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Cause it just plays the sample slower or faster depending on the input pitch?

I dont think it's possible to keep the length straight in nnxt. To do that i think you need to manually stretch and transpose the samples accordingly and then load them all in and select all samples and then "set zones chromatically"


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You can have the loop repeat or add some delay or sustain to it but as Os says the loop will alone play as long as it is.


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Thnx for your input guys. Since its raining day and night here, all reason to play and figure things out
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