Thor plays unwanted different notes!


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So, if i have for example a plucky synth going on. And i have set the notes in the sequencer (couple 1/8th notes in a row) there is a slightly different Sound between those tones. How can i fix that?


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above each button that enables the trigger there is a knob that you can dial, this one is for the note you want on that trigger. By default they should be set at c3.
However, if you have a patch downloaded or what not, chances are the designer might have set them different for a nice melody.

So check that first.

If that is note the case, and all notes are set how you want, then the problem probably lies with the envelope settings controlling a filter.
It may be so that the mod enevelope triggers a low pass filter (one of the 3 available) and stills decays after the second note.
I that case, you could shorten it.

In any way, just play around with it till it sounds good, and or do some researsch in envelopes and filters. Nifty stuff ;) (if you dont have that knowledge already offcourse.)
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