Top 10 rack extension


Reason Engineer
Hello it's just an Idea .
I would like to suggest to create thread about your experiences with differents rack extensions.
somthing like this
4 domains

-studio fx
-creative fx

and diferent cotations about them
here your suggestions
customer service.


Reason Producer
Tough one..

Utilities: remarks coloring and dividers are quite handy, and free! Then youve got the bigger splitters by blamsoft, wich are lovely as well.

Studio fx id say, mcdsp comps, 4 dyne, ozone and kuassa eqs, cant do without them..

Creative fx: (gotta mention it; scream 4 still gets alot if love.. still use it in a fair amount. )
Distort chain, synchronous, cant think of the rest.

As for instruments, I bought parsec but dont use it yhat often. 90% of my synthesis comes from.thor..
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