Unconventional Drum and Bass structure


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So there are some rules for DnB when it comes to structure. For example, having a long enough intro so that a DJ can mix the track in, and long outro so that the DJ can mix it out. Having your tunes rinsed live on a radio by a DJ is how I get my exposure (and other DnB artists for that matter). But what I like to do is instead of intro-->chorus-->verse/breakdown-->chorus-->outro I actually put a bridge between the verse/breakdown and chorus 2. Has anyone done something like this? I feel that this would screw up the DJs mix. What do you guys think?



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It depends on how appropiate it is in conjunction with the trsck i guess.
I love experimenting stuff, some of the things that make you stand out.

How it would fit in a dj mix is hard to predict i guess. By the sound of it, i dont think it'll be an issue unless you get out of tempo.

Ive heard deadmaus saying he likes dling stuff that make his tracks impossible for djs to mix, and he is doing well
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