Using Reason as the master rather than the slave


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Up to this point I have only used Reason - although still a fairly fledgling user, I've gotten comfortable enough with it to know that I really like the pattern control devices (Redrum with Kong, matrix), the synths, the mixer and the general workflow and 'real' feeling of the interface - it feels like i'm learning about the physical world routing etc in a way that i don't think i would with another DAW. I have also gotten comfortable with using the sequencer and feel like regROOVE and i'm sure countless other parts of the programme will serve me well.


After researching for guitar and piano sounds I have found that I want to use VSTs that are not available in reason, both midi (piano plug in) and audio (guitar amp processing).

Matt kindly posted a video link to using mini host in a similar thread i posted in the rack extensions section, but now my question has expanded a bit.

So my open question is for thoughts as to how best to do this - I know that i can rewire with other DAWs, but all that i have seen is this being done in order to use reason sounds in the sequencer of i.e. ableton, whereas i want to do the opposite - bring the sounds from another DAW into Reason, so that i can edit, arrange and mix in Reason.

As far as i know Reason can't be the master in a Rewire setup...

Any thoughts?


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In the case of wanting the edit and arrange in reason, I think the quickest and easyiest option is to get the stems from another daw and slap them back into reason.

You could try the route of live wiring, back and forth but that might trow you in a carousel of issues of getting things sorted..

Might be the simpelest thing to do, but it still depends wether or not it'll fit in your workflow.

If you want the processing of a vst in another daw, then just slave reason, di the fx live for as long as youre tweaking and when your happy with the sound design aspect, create a stem and import.

Maybe doing everything live, so without stemming and importing, is possible but unles your someone who loves experimenting, fiddling around with cables in reason and trying getting everything running flawless (I envision driver, latency and cpu issues) then give it a go.
Not trying to be a pessimist here by the way. Ive you'd manage to do so, id love to hear it! It will surely open up possibilities.

On a side note: I tend to work with alot of tracks in a song.. so doing this with lots of channels makes me anxious to say the least... haha
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