Video tutorial for routing multi-out VSTs in Reason (Kontakt 5 with Studio Drummer)


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Hi Guys,

Like many of you, I have started to explore Reason’s ultra exciting new feature: VST Support.
I remember what I felt when I heard the news a few weeks ago: it felt like Party!!!!

Yesterday, finally, I had time for some action and jumped into this new creative unknown. So I started to check if some of things I wanted to do worked well.

One of them was to be able to have every output of a virtual instrument in Kontakt routed to an individual channel in Reason’s Mixer.

In other words, if I have drums with 7 outs (Kick, Snare, HiHat, Room Mike, Mono and Stereo Overheads), how do I get each of these to be routed in individual slices of Reason’s SSL Mixer?

Well, I explored, and it worked !!!! I was so excited that I made a video about it in the evening to share this with you. The video is also a great tool for those of you guys who are not familiar with Kontakt in order to get grips on how its internal and external routing works. That is why I am sharing it with you.


Video Description
0:00 - 1:36 : Introduction and objective of the tutorial
1:37 - 4:30: Slide presenting the structure of the audio connections between the various software (STUDIO DRUMMER --> KONTAKT --> REASON’s VST SUPPORT MODULE --> REASON's MIXER)
4:31 -15:03: Action! Step by step tutorial on how to set up drums from a multi-output VST plugin source so that each sound source ends up having its own Reason mixer channel.

VST plugins used:
Native Instruments Kontakt 5
Native Instruments Studio Drummer (Komplete)

DAW used: Propellerheads Reason 9.5


Edouard Andre Reny, Music producer at
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