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I was working on a new tune and decided to record a bit of the process. I've edited it slightly thus lessening the length of the video, but it still ended up being 15 minutes of length :p
The song is only a couple of days old, so prone text be changed quite a bit still (I tend to work on tracks for months...).

Let me know what you think in all honesty ;)

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Sounds good. When i heard it the first thing i thought about was the song by Dido at the end of "No Good Deed". Not that it sounds like it but it just sounds like a tune that would be used at the end of a movie as the cameras pull away from the seen with a heavenly voiced female singer singer over the track. I dont know i think its film scorish to be honest. By the way what type of monitors are you using????????


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I'll have a listen to that dido track, don't recall whether I've heard it or not. But indeed, it's a bit Scottish but, I do aim at a the the more ambient type music ;)
The monitor's I'm using are Krk Rokit's the round cornered 5 inches.


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Nice! I love the originality of this just the screens on a black background, no words and just the Music as an artist works on it. Very cool dude!

Thanks for sharing this with us!



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Mooie muziek, man.
Ideal setting for making dark, warm sounding tunes.
I like the reversed hats (or crash?) you're working on.
You seem to nail it at the end; getting them on the right positions.
Track will also do the trick on 170bpm imho
Keep up the good work


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The idea of doing the video as such is secretly inspired by "Hol Bauman", a true genius within the ambient experimental electronic stuff. Def. worth checking out if you're into the experimental. His album "Human" is a true masterpiece and one of the cd's i hold very close.

Anyway thanks all!!
I might do another video in time when the tune has progressed more ;)

@ Redmanmasonji: are the 6" inches the rounded versions as well? I thought they only came in 5', 8' and 13(?)'?

@ RTFX: There's on reversed hat in there and one "clean" high pitched little hat, the rest are glitchy sound, a couple of em are chopped form a recording of the noise floor of my Behringer compressor and processed quite a bit.
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