we really need to talk about drums.


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Is anyone else seriously pissed off by the fact the 99.9999999% of drum loops come in 4/4 and are 99.99999999% some electronic yawn genre?
where are the cool jazz loops? the heavy heavy rock loops? hell where are just some good drum hits to be getting on with?
i like electronica i like to glitch stuff too but i also want some solid grooves to jam out to.

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San Diego

sorry i kept hitting my head on the keyboard in rage.


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Honestly, no.. haha but i do get your frustration. But, there are some .wav loops out there that you can easlily "rex up"?
Otherwise, sample some stuff like they used to do back in the days


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You could check out these if you only want to have reg drums for song making:

I like these dry drums:
You can go old old school and tweak them to the sound you like since they are dry

Then if you just want to have beats for making songs too.. Why not get this RE:
Map it to a Kong in a template. Make some different Kong kits for different genres and save some patterns in patches
For me this is very useful. I used to have the redrum matched to a Kong and set some quick patterns to compose around
With System 9 you can save the papperns in patches for another time and build libraries of them that you map to different Kong kits
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