Welcoming myself, saying hello...


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Hi there world!

I've just started using Reason 8 Essentials, planning to upgrade to the full version if I like what I get out of it.
For the time being the "Essentials" title doesn't bother me at all, because there is so many cool possibilities
with this stripped down version of the application.

It's nice to be able to use Rack Extensions as it gives it even more power.

My profession is software development, so I'm just a part-time hobbyist musician, really.
I play the guitar, some piano and like to put together beats.

I have full versions of both Live 9 and Cubase 8, but I don't think they're anywhere near Reason's "reason-ability" when it comes to understanding the why's and not only the how's of what you're doing.

To be honest I never really gotten the hang of any of the two other DAW's so this is kinda my last hope for understanding how to create music on the computer. ;-)

I wish myself the best of luck, and hope you do to...

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