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Hi all. I finished a track in Reason (my first on v8) last week or so, using the sprayCan sounds for the drums, it's techno/electro but I'm not too confident with it.. Guess I might post it at some point but here's a couple of tracks i did last year.. That I like and hopefully you




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Interesting stuff. IMHO.... The SC is a very unnerving piece of music, at least that is the way it makes me feel. Sonically the mix sounds pretty good maybe a little to high on the db as there is not much headroom for volume change.
The Video is great, very creative and well put together. I like the sound track you put to it, it leads to feelings of anticipation, loss and deep thought and like the mix.

Thanks for sharing.


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Havent listened on proper speakers yet (checked it out on built in monitor speakers) but, the mix came out really well. Really digging this stuff actually, keep it up.

No reason to be dis-confident though, think its been wel crafted and put together. It's probably not everyone's cup of tea but then again, loads of people arent into experimental stuff.


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Thanks guys, very kind words.. Sorry to put you on edge Matt, the vocal in wos is name was a window cleaning advert and after glitching it up that's what it sounded like.. The balance has slipped was my attempt at a cinematic electro style if such a style exists !! and the vid I made afterwards to fit the track.

Venetian snares.. That's a real compliment thanks Vocoderboy :)

Thanks Osmose, glad the mix carry to other (smaller) speakers as well.. In fact I've only just (in the last year or so) started trying to make better mixes.. I do everything in the box and took me a long time to adjust from hardware.

Thanks again .
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