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I dont mind punk actually, used to listen to metal, punk etc in my early teens..
But, i think its well done m8! Everything is nice and audible but still rugged, it has energy, ticks all the boxes actually ;)


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Hi all,
Been a while but have finally got round to finishing another track. I know most of you guys seem to be more of the 'electronic' persuasion and this is another angry punky kind of track but all feedback is gratefully received, ie tonal balance/arrangement etc etc.
Ive started using Reverbnation, hope thats not too much of a pain, the new trak is called 'Blanks'.
I like it! From the first measure it's just there. BOOM!!.
No holds barred.
Love the agression and energy.
I listened to it on several systems / speakers / hp.
Good arrangement, good mixing; just a few things, but thats all a matter of taste, right.
- during the guitar solo (2:14-...) its like I hear this 'pumping' effect (due to compressing?) they use a lot in EDM.
The bassdrums make the other sounds lose a little punch in that part. Like the other intruments are muzzled, can't breathe.
- The vocals sound a little 'boxed'.
As if they were recorded in a broomroom (bezemkast in Dutch :D)
Maybe some (more) reverb would make them more lively, vibrant and sit a little better in the mix?

"Relax, I've got the ticket...."
No way I relaxed to this track.
Rock on! \m/

James A

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Thanks RTFX.
I will go back and have a re-listen to that solo section, not something I had picked up on but you kind of listen to your own tracks so much I find I start to overlook things!!

You are spot on with the vocals, I do all my recording in a brick shed at the bottom of my garden. It is just a box really, I put up blankets in front of and behind the singer and hang wheel bags to the side to try and deaden it to get rid of as much 'boxiness' as I can. Its also partly a conscious decision to keep it dry to keep in with the genre of the music but I will have a play around with some more reverb.

Thanks for the feedback.


Reason Producer
"you! i'm gonna take to a gay bar!"
well produced
he double tracked that vocal really well.(good call)
guitars sound really ....... ****in' punk
i came.

James A

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Ha Ha!! Cheers VB.
Not clocked the Electric Six vibe, good spot.
DOD Punkifier in front of an AC30 emulation for the guitars, I was pretty pleased with them. Liberal application of the Scream on the bass as well.
We did the vocals in sections and just rolled it back to double straight away and it seemed to work quite well. There's a few small bits where it drifts but hey, nothing should be perfect right!!
Thanks for all the feedback and comments.
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