Blending/merging samples


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Total needed.
I want t o be able to blend/merge samples I have downloaded onto the sequencer. At the moment when I put sample no2 into the same audio track it just cuts sample no 1 dead I'd like to be able to blend the two together so the sound merge ?? If I have the technical language wrong forgive a newcomer to the world of Reason...


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Here you go.

[video=youtube;c326DwEDUoc] _continue=93&v=c326DwEDUoc[/video]


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Phew that's a lot more complicated than my old DAW - I could just put the two samples/sounds on the same lane and then move them together and they'd 'blend' (cross fade ?) automatically - is there a quicker way as I don't really need to use the comp editor for simple cross fades ??

But - I now have some great ideas for using the comp editor !! Great learning many toys !!
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