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I have been using reason since 1.0, two days ago, my program crashed , which I thought would never happen . File are corrupted. I am/was using 10.2 running windows 10.
So I uninstalled the crashed program and tried to install it and it would not install: corrupted or missing files:eek: Propellerheads support said o.k. download the most current version and before you install it you have to remove these 4 files because these 4 are not removed when uninstalling program. they must be removed prior to reinstalling the program ( slaps forehead realizing he is in way over his head.
I am so ignorant about the how and why it works.... I just use Reason , but now what to do
buy and idiots guide to windows 10 ?
I must remove these files where are they how do I access them?:(
%PROGRAMDATA%/Propellerhead Software
%APPDATA%/Propellerhead Software
%COMMONPROGRAMFILES%/Propellerhead Software
where can I find this stuff to remove it? Please?
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