Do you have a favorite structure?


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Here is just one song structure of the many possible there is and can be. Do you have a favorite or have you tried out some new combinations?



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It depends on the genre, tempo, creativity, intended use...
e.g. Pop Songs (120 bpm) radio version:
Short intro>verse>chorus>verse>chorus>verse>bridge>double chorus>short outro

Never trust in Hit formulas !! ;)

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For me, form doesn't affect how I write, while I've had music theory and know a lot of the ins and outs, I don't use preset forms. I let the music drive the form and direction.


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I just go with what i think suits the material.But i do tend to keep the songs under 3:30 mins because after that time period ears tire so best to keep it short and sweet and focus on the point you are trying to convey in the song eg the songs message. If you are writing to vocals then the lead vocal always takes center stage and has to be clear and audible throughout. The music is secondary and always plays a supporting role to any song that has a vocal on it.


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No, not quite a favorite structure. It all depends on the tune I'm working on a vocal track might find it in a intro/verse/chorus contraption, A melodic track might find itself in a similar position or in combination with some other structure, if the track is club driven then it's on the build up drop type of treatment. It all depends.


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I'm really partial to Intro > Verse 1 > Chorus > Verse 2 > Chorus > Verse 3 > Bridge > Chorus > Outro

I make some variations to it from time to time, but I generally love to stick to that setup lol


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My favourite structure is to add drums solo at the middle or at the very end. It really turns on and gives a nice flow. I am currently learning to play drums, thus, I know what I am talking about :) BTW, just got my latest setup from and I am supper happy with the sound quality. Someone wants to listen to my soundcloud profile?
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