German Music Video "Roboterembryo" (Style: Electro with New Wave taste)


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Hello again :) after a longer term break,
i like to present you my newest music video "Roboterembryo" (a track from my new album)
German lyrics ;) but the story is simple:
The engineer is communicating with the small synthetic creature Robbie08
, a robot embryo who is very happy to be alive. Hook: I feel good, i´m so happy, i´m a robot embryo ....
The engineer is preparing Robbie08´s memory. When Robbie08 is adult he travels to distant galaxys.
The goal of this track was to create a Retro New Wave sound and 80s mood.
(Produced complete with Reason 8 and a lot of fun ....)



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Cool thanks for sharing. Also I fixed the link for you, please check out our Help forum there are tutorials there that show you how to embed video and others.
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