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I am new to the forum. Ive been using Reason since it was first introduced. At first just casually as I was using Studio Vision back then. But Reason quickly grew on me with it's ease of use and quality sounds and design. I have been compelled to learn more out of necessity. I prefer to just do the creative part but I understand now that it does not end there. Ive had to learn that the production side is not separate from the creative side, it only seemed that way. So I had been watching endless tutorials on Youtube, not in the least of which was the Learn Reason series. I am immersed in learning the daunting task of mixing and mastering and so here I am to get knowledge and share my experiences. Reason for me is one of the most powerful if not The most powerful DAW of it's time. The things you can do with this software is nothing short of mind-blowing. At least for me it is and I've used all the other stuff that's out there. I do EDM, Hip Hop, Rock, Country, R&B, and FIlm and TV music. I am a guitarist first and foremost and I jumped with joy when Reason Record came out. These days I am continuing to learn how to make better music, thanks in no small part to the folks at Propellerhead who gave us this awesome gift.

Mark Thomas
Kozmik Wave Prods.
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