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Hello all struggle bus here doing what i do best...struggling.
Music flow is at a halt right now.
I have an alesis crimson ekit plugged in by usb and also plugged in by midi cables into my UR22mk2.
Im trying to set this up to trigger my KONG i have no idea how to get it to work using either method (through the UR22 or directly from the ALesis to the usb in my computer) Im on windows 10 and using reason 9
The external midi recognizes the Alesis drum set but notes arnt triggerd. Can any one help me ? I have watched matts videos on edrumming but none of them seemed to help me get this to work
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And what happens if you try triggering any other device? For instance a synth?
Just to check if the midi input is getting to the devices.

I think it should just act as a midi controller, but im not farmilier with e drum kits.


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I do not know the module are using, look in the Manuel to see if it can be used to trigger external midi devices.
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