Looking for "Big Sounds Championships" (2006) refills


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Back in 2006 Propellerhead held a competition to make the biggest sounds possible using a Combinator.

https://www.propellerheads.com/press/46 ... mpionships

From each of the 4 categories (lead, bass etc) they made one refill containing all contributions including the winners.

I have 3 of the refills, missing the last one, and it's been bothering me since. If I can get my hands on that, I'll post all 4 here. The one I'm missing is called "Plain Huge".

For your assurance - these are not commercial refills, they consist purely of contributions from Reason users.

I've done as many searches as I could - it's not on the web anywhere anymore for download.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Best regards.
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Hi noticed your post and thought I may have this on one of many HDs and yupp I still do very rare refills indeed I will upload to my google drive and send you the link please reply or DM me for the link iI know this is a post from 2019 so I hope all is well and this message reaches you soon we reason folks need to help one another.

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