Looking for comments/critiques on my new song


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I just released this remix that I have been working on for about a year. It was frustrating me that I had not completed it so I spend the last few weeks pretty much working on it nonstop, trying to find unique sounds that fit. I'd love some feedback, good or bad!


I used Reason 7 for most of the track until I broke down and bought Reason 9 to complete it. I heavily relied on Synapse AF-4 Analog Filter to give many of my synths an organic feel. I also used Propellerhead Parsec for many of my weirder layered synths.

End of the day, I had a lot of fun making this track and I hope you hear something you like, or even better, hear something you DON'T like so I can get some constructive feedback.
Thanks ;)


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not my genre, but if i'd move myself within it; i think the elements are ok. Maybe a bit to much all over the place though.

But, what striked me the most is that the mixing is way off. Balance of elements, quiet parts. I'd recommend keeping an eye on the overall dynamic next time when mixing.

What are you mixing on? Cause it is a lackign alot of low balanced low end, especially in parts were its wel needed.


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people sure do love this song. Very interesting elements. I think this is labeled under complextro. Have you ever heard of flashbulb?
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