New Guy Here! New Production!


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New Guy Here! Be sure to check out my latest production! Feedback is always appreciated and will be returned!! Keep grinding Propellerheads!



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Nice one Terrence! - very upbeat and blissful. At first I kept waiting for the singing to start. I wouldn't have minded some more of the waves and birdsong featuring in the song, rather than just the intro and outro. The thing I liked most was that it's very melodic and musical - and strangely enough that isn't something you can always say.


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Nice I like the sounds and the positive vibes they evoke..When the verse came in I would have like to have heard more of the keys/synth sound, but that's just my preference..Is this mainly an instrumental, or is for an artist.. R/B or Hip-Hop? Great job!
Hi Terrence. Dig the track. Maybe some Synchronous on the oscillating sound to give it some movement? That sound is a little peaky (maybe in the 2-5k range). Maybe a volume drop using automation as it comes back to the front of the mix (or use the stereo images to smooth/widen out the hi-mid peak?) Looking forward to hearing more!
Cool song there Terrence and just know your vibe will be hitting people around here making them feel the vibe.

Bliss is a smooth refreshing track with a catchy hook that gets you into feeling
a punchy kick that rides you smoothly down your way.

Your on the Reason Radio!
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Sorry you all for the late response! Been pretty busy! I definitely do appreciate all of the feedback!!! And I also appreciate being featured on Reason Radio!! Thank you all again!
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