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What's up forum members! New member to the forum and in some capacity, new to Reason. I've recently upgraded from Reason 4 to Reason 10 due to its new features and improved ease of use. Im 37, live in the U.S and own my own business, so for me this is an endeavor to scratch my creative itch....again. I've been listening to a certain genre of edm called "drum n bass" for over 21 years and was also a relatively accomplished dj during my 20's as well (held a residency in Philly's premier dnb monthly and also toured a little bit). I still dj from time to time and still actively seek out good events in solid venues on the east coast (smaller venues with good sound system and not a bunch of teeny's running around). While I have no desire to be a world famous edm producer or dj at this point in my life, it is still something I am very passionate about and I hope to be able to contribute to the progression of the sound. fyi, if for some reason you're curious who I am, you won't find that info through here. I plan to use this forum strictly as an informative/learning tool.

I haven't attempted to make music in 10+ plus years but I am excited to attempt it again. I've watched just about every single tutorial from the series and have learned more in one week than I did in all my years of attempted production in the past. It's hard not to wonder what path my life would have taken had these tutorials/this type of information been available when I was actively producing. Unfortunately, in my experience, most producers I met were not so willing to share studio knowledge.

Thank you to everyone involved in making the tutorials, the page, and the forum! I am looking forward to continuing my re-education on Reason and all aspects of production from this forum and hopefully I will be able to use it to create something someone somewhere in the world enjoys!

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