New to the Forums. Been using Reason since Version 4.

New to the Forum.

Bob Here. BRMusic.

Been in the music business for about 40 years. I am a guitar player and vocalist. I've gigged the worst dive bars and I've shared major concert hall stages with superstars. Either way you give your best. These days I play mostly for folks in nursing and rehab, vet centers and for worship and church gatherings.

Reason is my go-to DAW for one important.... wait for it.... REASON; It NEVER gets in my way! I boot it up, drag and drop a refill, and I'm making music! No mysterious crashes. No glitches. I go to Reason knowing that the idea that just came to me will be recorded after the minute it takes for Reason to start. The sound is wonderful and the software looks and feels great.

I started at Version 4. Back then you needed Reason-Record to record digital audio. I have had every version since. Now at v9. Better than ever. I do have little qualms here and there but no deal breakers.

As a creative toll Reason is my FIRST CHOICE for realizing my musical ideas. From a combo band to full virtual orchestra. It's all there.

Glad to be here.
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