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New to DAW world, using Reason Essentials 8.3, Scarlet 2i4 Interface. Question: Can you record a loop that's playing in Dr OctoRex Loop Player? If so, how?


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Scroll all the way to the top of your rack: were you see the master output meter, there is a square you can click, do so. It shoudl light blue. This enebles "master audio recording"

Create a new audio track; select input "stereo" and "master output"

Play your loop and press record. It should apear in audio in your sequencer.

you can do this with any sound source by the way


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Thanks for the quick replies. I found what I was looking for. In the sequencer, I right clicked the track with the loop, and chose "convert pattern automation to notes". This pasted the data into the track, at which point I was able to cut/paste to my heart's content.

...and with Osmose's reply, now I know 2 ways to accomplish this.

Thanks again.
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