Not all channels are exported


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Hello there,

I'm working on a song and I did all the mixing part but I'm experiencing an issue never happened before:

When I export the song not all channels are exported. Some of them are missing. I can hear everything when I play the song from the reason project, but when I export the whole song, some channels (the whole Bass Bus for example) is completely missing.

I checked all the times, and there is no Mute or Solo on. I also created a new Bus and rerouted the channels there but again, when I export the song, they are missing.
For the synths, I can hear some of them but one is missing.. and all are routed to the same Bus.

Can someone please help me with this?


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Hi Matt,

First of all, thank you for the time you're taking with this.

I made a new discovery: the track is not exporting the channels made with external VST instrument.

The song contains the Reason machines but also the Arturia Lab V as external plugin.

What is weird is that I can hear the instruments (5 in totals: 2 bass, 2 synths and 1 plucks) when I play the project in Reason, but whenever I export the song I can hear only the built-in machines sounds.

Any idea how to fix it?


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What version of Reason are you using?
Unfortunately Reason 11 Intro.. I know! I should update to the normal version, but I'm saving up for it.

From another hand.. would you recommend panning BUS channels or better pan the channels that are part of the BUS and leave the bus in the center?


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Intro is the reason.

Bus channels are really only for controlling volume.
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