Problems when rewiring Reason in Pro Tools


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I'm running into some glitchy issues with Reason10 as a rewire in Pro Tools.

1. I'm getting a constant, short, rhythmic midi note at C-2.

2. When I preview listen to a loop I hear it just fine, but after I load it into a Rex Player the sound changes. The best way I can describe it is it sounds like the loop is being put through a Lo-fi effect. Or course it's not, and I've checked all the other obvious things like the mixer settings ect.

I should say that I set up Reason on a Pro Tools Aux Track and work inside Reason for all my Midi Performances as apposed to a Pro Tools Instrument Track. I've worked this way for years with no issue. I thought it might be a compatibility issue with Reason10 as I was running PT11, but I tried upgrading to PT2018.12 and Reason10.2.2 and get the same issue. I'm running on Mac OS10.10.5

I've also tried contacting Propellerhead Support and I have to say their response has been seriously lacking. I first contacted them in November and my last response from them was Dec7 apologizing for their non response.
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