recreating sound of push-universal nation


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I'm trying to make a sound like the one used in push-universal nation:

What I struggle with is to create the chopped up effect. When using LFO to modulate some parameter, it will always chop it up in 4 chuncks on each beat: 1234-1234-1234 etc...

In the song its more like 123_-123_-123_ and so on.

I tried using the step sequencer in Thor to drive the filter frequency and amplitude gain but that's not really working. I get something close when I use 2 LFO's and set one to 1/16 and the other to 1/8T

I'm new to creating my own sounds, so if anyone could have a go on this one, that would be great to see how you would create sounds like these :)




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It's an arpegiator hes using. Rout the arpegiator to thor or whatever synth you wanna use and set it to triplet's ;)
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