REVERB: Stereo HALL patch (stock devices)


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Stereo RV7000:

By using 2 RV7000's routed to a (16:2) mixer which has both channels panned 50 either way you'll get a much more wider sound then just one stand alone RV7000.

Apart from the routing to the mixer, there is a EQ (*do however you like; i like to bring down the 2.5 and 5khz's by a couple db and narrow Q to get rid of the harsness ) and a stereo imager (toning down the width of the low-mids ) on the 16:2 output for more control.

Easy use:

The four rotary's control:
- Decay
- (Hall) size
- HF Damp
- HiEQ

Button 1 setup:

- Solo's the first RV7000 for when you're scrolling trough patches. When you've found one --> copy the patch to the second RV7000 and disable the solo so you got the biggening effect again.

As it is, it set at a hall verb for that nice big ambience. Offcourse you can load in any patch in both instance's of the RV 7000 ;)

Here's the link to the file:

Im planning to upload more patches in the future. I hope you guys enjoy!
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