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Not my usual type of fayre but here is me putting Reason to use on a mix project for a local Big Band.
My dad plays Sax with this band and one of them stuck up half a dozen budget mics and I got hold of the stems. I have made use of the Audiomatic and the McDSP C670 and plenty of EQ'ing to get rid of the worst of the hiss!

Was a bit out of my comfort zone but its good to try new things sometimes, right?
Will have some of my more usual angry guitar music up soon, will be tracking vocals this week.

Anyway, any comments greatly received.


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I so love this - but, then, I am "of the age" to love it... :)

Also conjures up "Minnie the Moocher"

Yeah - I remember Minnie the Moocher... :)

James A

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Ha Ha!! Yep, thats on the playlist as well :D
.....Cozy Toes, Fancy Pants, In the Mood, Mr.Anthonys Boogie, ....I could go on. Its been a lesson in swing for me!!


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this is really good and considering the source audio a really good mix.
i wish i had a big band at my disposal. i am really jelly.
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James A

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Cheers VB. I did put quite a few hours into it! The piano and bass were DI'd which was lucky but the biggest problem was the bleed into all mics from the ride and HiHat on the drum kit. It just trampled over everything on the original! Hiss was a big problem as well and it became a fine balancing act between rolling off enough top end to clear the hiss but not so much as to detract from the top end of the brass.

Ive reworked the other track and now have the amazing sounding Ryan Green refill on the drums. For those producing 'band' type music i cannot recommend them enough. I will be putting a couple of new tracks using them in the coming weeks, tracking vocals tonight hopefully.
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