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If I already own Reason, can I keep using my license?

Sure! You bought it, you own it. And we will keep developing Reason and selling licenses in our shop if you prefer to own a license instead of subscribing to Reason+.​

If you have Reason and what to try the subscription service Reason + click on the link and read it first because you have to change something on your computer.


From Reason Studios Blog (Reason Suite has been Discontinued.)

"Subscribing to Reason+ is a guarantee that any device or feature we release will show up in your rack on day one. This was something we got a lot of feedback on with Reason Suite. It was unclear if devices or features would be included in the future, if there was a special upgrade path, or if it was a one-time bundle. To make things clearer, we've discontinued Reason Suite. Now we can comfortably say that Reason+ is the choice if you want it all.​

Read the full blog post here there is a lot of good info. Reason 12 update is coming soon and Reason is not Reason +

Understand Sound Packs

I have tested the Sound Packs and they are just Combinators, Instruments, Effects, Utilities, and Players that Reason Studio makes. They also come with a Song file that has a demo song using the devices and patches the author made. These patches can and do have unique samples and loops the authors supplies.
The key factor here is the Sound Packs are made in Reason + which means the author has access to everything Reason Studio makes and only Reason + users can open them up and use them. Everything is free to use in your own music.

If you own Reason have no worries Reason will keep getting updated and supported. All is good.
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