USB Keys to Reason Essentials?


Can someone please tell me why my USB keyboard isn't recognised.

I've just installed Reason Essentials to my MacBook Pro and can't get Reason to see my little Akai LPK25 USB keys.

I'm well familiar with DAWs etc, and just use this little Akai for on the plane or sitting around. It works fine with ProTools, LPX etc etc...they all just 'See It' without hassle.

When I go to the Preferences in Reason, it only has options for MIDI keys input, not USB keys input...I do have an M-Audio Fast Track Ultra set p to the MacBook, but this has never stopped the Akai USB keys input from working with other software. I never use the MIDI inputs on the Fast Track.

I haven't yet tried all this in my main studio setup which also uses SB input for my N.I. Controller keys and Korg keys etc, so hopefully it can all be resolved.

In fact I should be able to just plug the Akai USB keys into the MacBook (without using the FastTRack) for in flight etc and bang it.

All help gratefully appreciated...
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