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Hello! My name is Matt and I run this website, it is my creation, and I believe it is the best place on the internet to learn Reason, Reason +, Mix, and Master in Reason. I developed the Tutorial Widget to help people easily find what they want to learn fast and also started the first-ever forum dedicated to learning how to mix and master your music in Reason.

It is not easy making a website like this and it is even harder running them. I have set up this website to have zero spammers, they are a plague to forums. This site is not your average forum it is a place to learn and help if you can. I have the Music forum close to the top and love it when people post their music, that is what it is all about.

Most people join to learn and then go on making music instead of hanging around the forum to just post and post and post, I get lots of messages from them. Well if you read this I hope this website helps you make great music.

Rock on, Matt.
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