Where is everybody...!????


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dunno what to say really.. If i can completely honest, i do feel ye. Think there are quite a bit of members but only a handfull seem te be active.

my post count does shock me now and then, makes me wonder if im not overly active around here..
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Dont know what it was like before the 'migration' to the new forum.
Is there anything missing that stops people from being active?
Or is it a so called social issue?
Not being interested in other peoples music and therefore not responding, listening or reviewing?
I figured out there are quite some replies and views in the techy topics.
Quite less in the music and new members topics.
I'm into other forums as well (motorbikes) and there are a vast amount of topics, but I am only active in a few.
I hate the hokjesmentaliteit (dont know how to say in English), but maybe the music topic should be split up in diff genres.
Maybe that will attract people who are in same genre of musicmaking.
Or will it just be the opposite?
Just a thought.
Trial and error might tell.
Even though i dont post very often i usually visit the forum a couple of times a day to see if there are some interesting new threads i can participate in. For me thats mostly sound design related stuff. I also listen to the tracks people post but i feel i cant really give appropriate feedback since i am not used to most of the genres. For example, i really loved the EP by Osmose. The mixing was on point and he created an amazing atmosphere but i dont really now how this kind of music "works". I am not sure what the key elements and structure are to make a good ambient track and i didnt want to be the "Nice track bro" kind of guy because i feel thats not appropriate. Probably better then nothing though..
Anyways i think doing more "projects" on the forum would get people involved. Like weekly challenges (fun stuff like creating a track with only Thor/no samples, recreating sounds, etc.), remix competitions or just more collaborations between users.


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To chime in if I may....this forum has always been one that is low key and full of great help and ideas. If you look around there is no name calling, trolling and spamming. My hope for this forum from the start was to have it be a place to learn Reason and everything there is about making great music. There are 100's of tutorials here that are very easy to find and from my research when making the website I found that most people go to a forum to learn something, get help, share and then there are those that kinda .....well, do more posting then doing and that is fine but IMHO this is all about the music and you making it, mixing it, producing..ect not just posting for the sake of posting.

I am happy this forum gets tons of traffic and quality posts and can still be as low key, helpful and a the best resource on the web to Learn Reason IMHO.

Just a note that since my move I have had no studio and efforts to create new material and work on the site have been slow but this will be changing here very soon as my new Studio Desk is getting close to being finished and then I can set everything up and get to making music and helping.


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Well. It provoked a little discussion at least! LOL. I wasn't slagging it off Matt just for the record, I just expected with the amount of people making Music nowadays, wether seriously like Osmose ( which I forgot to say is GREAAT by the way!) and the availability of software like Reason which even raving idiots like me can use to a point!, I expected it to be a really thriving forum. Just looking at YouTube we can all see the amount of Jams people are doing with the kit and know how they've got, all with different influences etc, I was kinda expecting to see it all condensed here in a place where even Newbies like I could get a feel for equipment, ideas, genres, experimentation etc...was just a bit disappointed with what I found that's all, wasn't meant to be a slight or criticism at all!...is there a chat room? That tends to get people arguing (in a good way!) or talking about where they're at which inevitably peels off into separate threads / topics which then other people get involved in.....


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I do check the forum a couple of times a day as well, dependand on the day offcourse. Just part of my daily routine, facebook, forums, youtube etc.
One thing i do feel inclinded to say is that, i do really like this forum! Like matt said, there is not trolling, name calling, pretensious bull**** etc. The vibe is good here..

But coming back to Mac72's initial post, sometimes i am worried about the forum maybe dying out due to the fact it is so "low key" as Matt called it.

When i joined this forum, i thought it was just set up really! Didnt know anything about a previous existence up untill now..

Either way, big up to Matt in general. Ive probably said it before, but i do really respect the effort Matt puts into his videos and sharing his knowledge and offcourse setting up this forum.

But, i'd love to see some more activity really, in general. Ideas like Fresh mentioned are great; setting up little challenges etc. might be really refreshing and good for experimenting, learning, just having fun and getting out of production block when your in it.

By the way, thanks everyone for the positive responses on my work! But, dont feel declined to just response "great work bro" or something in that matter, thats feedback as well ;)
To be honest, i do have some insecurities about my work. Getting positive respones will only do me good haha


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Thanks for your input Mac I can let you know that there are a bunch of things I have planed in the near future that will start to be done as I will finally will have my studio back. One of the first things on the list is to get the personal Blogs going. There is no live chat as of yet, I have looked into it and we will see if it can happen. Good things are on the way for sure.
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